Plotter as a Hobby

My own AxiDraw Plotter
Art Noveau – Mucha – A canvas print in my home-office
A more or less failed plot of it

As a fan of Art-Nouveau and as an engineer a fan of Technology I am trying to combine ART and TECHNOLOGY in my freetime, where ever it makes sense.

As I will show here later I built already several drawing and plotting devices by my own. But end of 2019 I bought a ready to use A3-Plotter just to look and feel the state of the art in this field. The best I know so far is the AXIDRAW-A3 from that’s a part of Evil-Mad-Scientist

Besides the good plotter itself, it’s the complete eco-system of support and software which convinced me to buy it instead taking a cheap copy – and it’s worth every penny.

In the normal case you can use the free drawing software Inkscape , draw your pictures by yourself and print them in a special extension of Inkscape delivered by Axidraw.

An other possibility is to look for free SVG or buy t and plot them with the Axidraw.

What if you want to plot an already existing photo not in SVG format ?

You could use an online Converter e.g . from JPG to SVG format . And here is another possibility – my way here – for the plot above.

How-to plot Photos as an AXIDRAW plot Solution 1:

  • Load the photo into the free sofware
  • convert it into an artistic pencil-sketch
  • you have to be creative and play with the settings to get any result
  • store the picture as bitmap BMP graphic
  • open a new sketch in Inkscape
  • import and resize the BMP into your selected sheet
  • select PATH in Inkscape
  • select trace BMP
  • again you have to be creative to get any result
  • save it
  • start the Axidraw utility Plotting-Optimization
  • start the plot

After trying it several times I got the above result – not what I intended but somehow unique and interesting ..

I used a Stabilo feltpen point88 Fine 0.4mm light-green – the dark color came through the many times the feltpen draw over the same line ..

First it took way to long, but at the end I let the plotter run over night to look what happens. After 4hours and 51 minutes this was the result. The pen draw 106meter with pen down and all together including pen-up 750m .

That’s why this plot will be a Unique .. 🙂