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ZZBlogX Introduction

ZZBlogX generates dozens of blog like html-pages in a second. I wrote this program as an easier and more flexible replacement for my Wordpress blogs. In contrast to eg. Wordpress the pages are 'static' that means you do not need a database on your webspace and the pages are loading faster.

The only thing what you have to do, is to store your articles as simple text files. In the next article "Quick Start" you'll find all you need for a first try.

ZZBlogX is an easy to use, very small and fast "textbased static blog generator", written in the funtastic "newLISP" programming language and it's Opensource.

ZZBlogX ...
There are some special functions to ease the insertions of images, lists and so on. You find more about that in the "Manual" section.

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ZZBlogX Quickstart

ZZBlogX is a small static blog generator written in newLisp, for Windows (for other sytems see "Tipps and Tricks" ). Read the "Introduction" in the manual section first.

Setup ZZBlogX
That's it - There are some special functions - Find out more in the next section "Functions"

Download ZZBlogX-2013-01-04

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ZZBlogX Functions

ZZBlogX is a small static blog generator written in newLisp, for Windows (for other sytems see "Tipps and Tricks" ). Read the "Introduction" and "Quickstart" in the manual section first.

Standard Linefeeds "CR-LF" are enhanced with "br"
.no-html <br/>

DATE-TIME Standard
If the source textfiles are named with numbers starting with zero like "01.txt" "02.txt" and so on, the file storage time is used as date and time for the articles.

To set a certain time you can name the source-files with a number according to the date and time you want. The program expects this digits "YYYYMMDD.txt" or "YYYYMMDDHHMM.txt"
- year-month-date like "20120307.txt" is 2012-march-07
- year-month-date-hour-minute "201203071735.txt" is 2012-march-07 17:35

The last line of the text-file is used for the article category, separat your category-names with commas. Use no special chars in the name, because the category will be later also the pagename and part of the url, for this ZZBlogX replaces not allowed chars with "_" . The parameter "min-articles-for-own-cat" in the "settings.lsp" file is presetted to 2, that means if there are at least 2 articles a own page for the category is generated.
valid example: Hobby, Programming, NewLisp

For more comfort there are a few special commands starting with a dot.
Alternatively you always can use standard html commands.

Use the dot-image tag and the image-url :
.img http://www.dmemos.de/fotos/20110422.jpg

The image size and style is according the settings in the "settings.lsp" file and the .css style-sheet.

each line between the dot-list and dot-end-list tag are list-items, example:
result in this list:

If you don't want the execution of the html code, for example to display the original html source code, you can use the dot-no-html tag, example:
.no-html <b> Hello World ! <b/>

EMBEDDING Videos and Photos
Simply copy the html-code from eg. YouTube or FLICKR in your source text :
.no-html <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/22281188@N06/6916843095/" title="DSC04457 von ynomo bei Flickr"><img src="http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7178/6916843095_c022b2b2bb.jpg" width="500" height="375" alt="DSC04457"></a>

To switch of the special functions of ZZBlogX you can use the dot-no-sf and dot-end-no-sf tags.
.img http://www.dmemos.de/misc/newLISPlogo.png

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Tipps and Tricks

No Windows
I developed and tested ZZBlogX under Windows, and the shipped ZIP file is ready to use for Windows. But newLisp runs under different systems. "Rickyboy" wrote in the newLISP-forum :
After changing the config items in settings.lsp (especially the directory names), I can invoke your software successfully, like this, on cygwin, Linux, or OS X (Darwin)

Design and Pagestyle
To change page-design and style you can make your own Cascasde-Style-Sheet or change the .css file you find in the ZZBlogX directory. I made the rather simple "MyBlog.css" , so that the page can be easily read on my android mobile phone.

For me it seemed nonsense to invent new textstyle tags, it's easier to use simple standard html-tags, some common examples ( first line source, next line result ) :

.no-html <b>BOLD</b> <i>ITALIC</i>

.no-html <a href="index.html"> index </a>

More Blogs
More than one blog is simple. Duplicate the "ZZBlogX" directory, at best name the root-directories like the blog-titel eg. "ZZ-MyTennisBlog" "ZZ-MyNewlispBlog" and change the directory names in "setting.lsp" file accordingly.

Instead of the Windows Standard "Notepad" I use the free "Notepadd++" which I can recommend.

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Dieter Moser
Brunnenstrasse 6
D-79848 Bonndorf

contact : Admin@dmemos.de

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