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ZZBlogX Introduction

ZZBlogX generates dozens of blog like html-pages in a second. I wrote this program as an easier and more flexible replacement for my Wordpress blogs. In contrast to eg. Wordpress the pages are 'static' that means you do not need a database on your webspace and the pages are loading faster.

The only thing what you have to do, is to store your articles as simple text files. In the next article "Quick Start" you'll find all you need for a first try.

ZZBlogX is an easy to use, very small and fast "textbased static blog generator", written in the funtastic "newLISP" programming language and it's Opensource.

ZZBlogX ...
There are some special functions to ease the insertions of images, lists and so on. You find more about that in the "Manual" section.

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The ZZBlogX source texts have a GNU General Public License GPL (GNU-GPL 3.0) :

The complete license:

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Version History

New Version
Updated newLIPS Version 10.4.5
Updated nldb.lsp from Cormullion @version 2010-01-14 14:57:28
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First public version
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It's really fun to program ZZBlogX in newLISP.

to the newLISP Homepage

I am no expert in newLISP at all. I think an expert can write the same in half the size, but for me it's important that also amateurs can use a programming language, that it's easy to use.
Very important is also to understand the progam really. I wrote ZZBlogX in modules, about a page per module, so I had always a clear overview what happend. At the end I joined the modules to one file and made an additional "settings.lsp" file.

I have already some ideas to enhance ZZBlogX, what would be very easy in newLISP.

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After some years of blogging with Wordpress and hundreds of posts, I knew Wordpress is really cool and state of the art, but I also know what I'm looking for, for the future of my blogs I need:

In 2009 I already wrote already a program called "ShortNotizer" in newLISP, there you first have to start a localhost, then you can do your entries via your webbrowser. I'm still using the ShortNotizer, but for blogging it's to uncomfortable.

So the idea was nearby to write my own static blog generator, ZZBlogX.

Blog-X means Blog-Generator
ZZ is in german a shortcut for "ziemlich zuegig" what means "quite speedy" :)

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