ShortNotizer 1.2


Basic Function :
The notes are auto-formated, all linefeeds and
multiple spaces are deleted, if you need a linefeed
simple insert two double-colons. The localhost is
your personal server which is a newLISP program
which serves your browser. Pure CGI and newLISP is
used . Your data is first written on a heap and if
you go to overview the data is imported to a
database. You can filter the data depending on the
subject ( the headline ) or on time .
Sat Mar 14 16:18:09 2009

Acknowledgement : This program runs on newLISP from
As a database the file nldb.lsp from Cormullion is used.
Sat Mar 14 16:18:43 2009

Licensing: The ShortNotizer is licensed under GNU

The author and licenser is Dieter Moser
Sat Mar 14 16:19:48 2009